Tykables - Purrfect Cafe Diapers


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Meow there, fellow cat enthusiasts! Do you want to sip a cup of coffee while surrounded by cute, cuddly felines? Then, Purrfect Cafe is purrfect for you! Join Anya, Rowan, Mei, Isabelle, and Aaliyah as they take care of this adorable cafe and, paw-sibly the best part of the cafe, Patches the cat, who loves to lounge around, nap, play, and get into all sorts of trouble.

These Tykables Diapers feature Front and Rear Waistbands, Cuddle Cloth™ outer layer for added comfort, Active Littles Grips™ hook and loop fastening for a strong hold, and extra tall leak guards. Our diapers also features an extra large acquisition layer to help keep your skin dry between changes.

  • Cuddle Cloth Cover
  • Active Littles Grips
  • Fade When Wet
  • Fixed-Print Design
  • Front & Rear Waistbands
  • Extra Tall Leak Guards
  • Extra Large Acquisition Layer
  • Waddle Cut
  • ISO rating of 7500ml