Rear - Mega Mermaid Tales Adult Diapers

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The depths of the sea are just waiting to be explored! This high definition print is sure to pull you into an immersive experience.

 Meilani(Pink Tail/Pronouns she/her)[May-lah-nee] and Sam(green tail/Pronouns they/them) plunge themselves into the depths of the sea for a glorious adventure full of mysteries, treasures and the most important of all friendship. These diapers are sure to last you for an all-night adventure or extended playdates.

Join Meilani and Sam in a magical Mermaid Tale and don't forget to bring a friend!


Features: Hook & loop; Unscented; Capacity: 11,000 ml(varies by size); Wetness indicator; Plastic backed; Fast absorption core; Advanced odor control; Tall standing loeak guards; reinforced frontal panel.