Munchkin - ClearNose™ Nasal Aspirator

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Breathe easy.

Help clear up stuffy breathing with a nasal aspirator that is easy to control and fits perfectly in your little one's nose.

  • Includes 3 different shaped nose tips
  • Internal chamber is designed to prevent sharing of germs
  • No filters required
  • Storage case helps keep track of all the pieces
  • 0-5 Years

Long gone are the traditional bulb aspirators, they are difficult to control and often scare little ones. New hose style aspirators let mom or dad easily suck out congestion. We know, it sounds strange, but parents everywhere swear by it! Munchkin has designed ours especially with parents in mind, as nobody wants to spread a cold any faster than they already do. Our internal chamber design reduces contamination risk and doesn’t require any filter. Tiny noses come in many different shapes, so we’ve included 3 different tips to find the perfect fit for baby. Last, but not least, we know all these small parts can be a pain to keep track of, so we included a super handy storage case- no nose shall ever go clogged again!