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Product Discription:

Reliable and comfortable with a strong plastic backing for security.

These diapers feature a soft inner padding with a quick-absorbing core.

The stretchy leg gathers and standing leak guard provide an excellent fit.

Plus, they come in a vibrant pastel baby elephant design that covers the entire diaper.

LittleForBig diapers are thick, fluffy, and comparable to the thickest diapers on the ABDL market. They have 2000+ml absorbency, soft inner guards to prevent leaks, and fast moisture-wicking for dry skin. With four snug tapes and a reinforced front panel, these diapers ensure a secure and adjustable fit. Why grow up when you can be a little big kid forever?

Each pack includes ten disposable adult baby diapers, discreetly packaged.

Size:  Medium 28"-38",  Large: 36"-46".