Go Splash Float Jacket - Sea Life

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Super soft neoprene float jacket with 8 removable floats. Helps children learn to swim and supports them in water.

Dive in, in our Sea Life Float Jacket.  Featuring playful sea friends including turtles, rays and our shy octopus, this is a perfect design for little explorers.

The Go Splash Float Jacket has been designed to help your child learn to swim and is an ideal float jacket to get your child started on their swimming journey. The Go Splash Float Jacket contains 8 float bars that can be removed in pairs as your child finds their own balance and buoyancy in the water.

Manufactured from the highest quality, soft neoprene, it is comfortable to wear and provides extra warmth in chilly pools or beaches. Pockets within the lining hold the floats firmly in place, whilst the robust safety zip ensures the jacket is held in the correct position against the body.

The float pockets are coded so you know in which order to remove them when your child becomes more confident in the water and starts to swim properly.

It is important to note that this is a learn to swim jacket, and as such it will hold your child in the correct position to teach them to swim. This means they will tip slightly forward into the water. We encourage adults to hold the child’s hands on first wearing the jacket until they can find their own water balance, then gradually remove your support as they learn to swim in the float jacket on their own.