Abena Slip Premium Briefs - Level 4

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The new Abena Slip Premium Briefs Level 4 is an innovative all-in-one adult diaper tailored for individuals dealing with heavy to severe urinary and/or bowel incontinence. This latest offering from Abena brings several key advantages to the table.

From its wetness indicator and adaptable double tapes ensuring a snug and secure fit, to the advanced odor control technology ensuring discretion and freshness, this diaper has it all. With a high-performance core and top-dry technology for enhanced absorbency, pH balance for the well-being of your skin, and a 100% breathable material coupled with 360-degree leak barriers, It establishes a fresh standard in the realm of adult diaper innovation.. Experience the pinnacle of comfort and protection with Abena Slip Premium Briefs Level 4.

Size  Quantity  Absorbency
Small: 23.6" -  33.5" 25/pack, 3 pack/case, 75/case 2200mL
Medium: 27.5" - 43.3" 21/pack, 4 pack/case, 84/case 3600mL
Large: 39.4" - 59" 18/pack, 4 pack/case, 72/case 4000mL
XLarge:  43.3" - 67" 12/pack, 4 pack/case, 48/case 4000mL